Allow premium users to increase site update frequencey

As it is now, it seems like the update frequency of a site is determined by how many people have added that site. This works great for most public sites.

However, for private feeds that often only have one reader (for example, your own github activity feed or a twitter search for your product), updates times are really slow. Instafetching is nice, but it’s not something I want to be doing all the time. Having these feeds update every couple of hours makes them feel very sluggish.

I think an option to increase a site’s update frequency (up to once every half hour or something reasonable) would be a nice premium feature. It would fit really nicely as a slider in the new site settings dialog, too.

Keep up the great work, I’m very happy with NewsBlur!


I’m all ears to this suggestion.

Update frequency is regulated by a not-so-complex formula of subscribers and posting frequency. I’m happy to increase the frequency on the tail, of which is very long.

I’m thinking that a minimum of every hour for premium accounts would suffice for now. And then also readjusting the equation to give premiums more of a boost.

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That sounds good to me, every hour as a minimum for premiums should work great.

A slider on the site settings dialog would be best as far as a long term solution goes, in my opinion. I’d want some personal feeds like a twitter search to update often, but I don’t really care if I see a story on an obscure blog a couple hours late. It might help reduce your server load a bit, but if you’ve got the breathing room for a global one hour minimum for premiums, that works for me :slight_smile:

Wow, that was really fast! Thanks so much!

pretty cool- though I think the freeloaders should have a message when they view an entry that was premiumized :slight_smile:

I believe this may not be working for me unless its because I bought my premium account after i imported my feeds from GReader. I have a feed from yahoo pipes that is on what looks to be a 7hr cycle. It being a pipes feed I’m sure I’m the only subscriber.

I am also having this problem. I have a premium account and I subscribe to MANY blogs for which NB tells me I am the only subscriber. This is a major problem for me. I would like all my feeds updated hourly at the absolute slowest.

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I also didn’t notice much of a change in update frequency after switching to a Premium account, and sometimes feeds seem to be stuck for several hours, or even days. I can tell this is the case because insta-fetching will bring up several new entries from this time frame.

Would be great to get a solution to this, as more frequent updates was one of the two main reasons I bought a Premium account (the other being unlimited number of feeds).

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Agreed. I added a couple of custom craigslist searches 5 days ago and I don’t think they’ve been auto-fetched at all yet (one of the feeds gets 40-50 posts a day). I’ve instafetched them a few times, but then went for a different (more convenient) solution.

Here’s a specific example: the torrent feed at… gets 3 new entries per week and has 5 subscribers on NewsBlur, but I only saw the new posts from today when insta-fetching 3 hours later.

I also imported all my feeds from Google Reader before switching to Premium, in case that matters.

Is this feature coming soon? My feeds take too long to update.

@tedder42, great idea!

I’m a premium subscriber, and many of my RSS feeds are set to update every 1-1.5 hrs. One where I really notice is my subscription to the Editors’ Blog at TPM sets it up as an individual private feed so that I can get full text articles via RSS – so newsblur sees it as one subscriber (me). It gets 9-12 posts a day on average. I’d like to see this updating in either real-time or every 10-12 minutes like high traffic websites seem to get.

This has now been launched. Every feed that has at least a single premium subscriber now updates at the very minimum of every hour. This positively affected a pretty sizable chunk of feeds, which were both infrequently updated and had few subscribers.