Allow line-by-line scrolling in article with keyboard shortcuts.

Currently, the up and down arrows duplicate the ‘k’ and ‘j’ keyboard shortcuts: they go to the next article. However, it would be very useful to have the up and down arrow keys scroll the currently-being-read article slowly/not an entire page at a time. Google Reader already works this way, and I already miss it.


I would like this feature too. Currently the space bar scrolls the currently selected article, but reading a page at a time can get annoying fast.

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On, the spacebar scrolls just a few lines at a time, but the page-up/down keys don’t work (at least with Firefox). Crucially, this means there’s no way to scroll up without using the keyboard.

Yes! At least let us un-map the up/down arrows. The space bar scrolls too far on each press, and shift-space for up-scrolling is very awkward.

I’d like my arrow keys back, please.

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Adding a me-too. I guess i could get used to a different key to scroll slowly down, but using the arrow keys would be preferable. Right now, there’s no way, and I am not willing to use the mouse for this. This is currently the only issue standing in my way of subscribing.