Allow Intelligence Trainer to filter by URL

Being able to specify the story URL (base domain) to filter out would allow users to filter out the annoying sites with iframe busters.


Interesting, I hadn’t considered the URL as a trainer. I would like to see this, but I think people are going to have to vote and comment on this ticket for that to happen.

I second this suggestion. I have several feeds where I would like to filter out specific URLs like this:

I want feeds from but not from*.

I have a specific feeds that includes robot generated articles about estate sales which is totally polluting my feeds.

I would also use it to filter out news I am not interested in, like* or* etc.

The feature would be even more powerful if I could combine filters like this:

Exclude* except it the article contains motorsport or the URL is*.

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Sorry to resurrect the topic

I also want this feature
For example, one of my feeds is Hacker News: Newest
It contains posts linking to multiple sites. Thing is, I wouldn’t like to see posts from the guardian or the telegraph or whatever other big news site. Newsblur is the only RSS feed I found that allows me to quickly filter by author and words, but it lacks the ability to filter by other data such as URL.

I’m considering writing an ublock filter or script to filter those entries myself, but I imagine there’ll be bugs if I do that.

A client-side filter would work, but unread counts will be effected. Your best bet is, if you do this, to make the story’s 1px high (both story title and story content). That way scrolling still works.

Ah, that’s a good idea
It works, thanks!

Well, the pastebin expired

I’m interested too!