"All Stories" view doesn't work

(Note: I’ve updated to the very recent new version of the Android App; and I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing.)

On my phone:
If I open up Newsblur and hit “All Stories” I just get a neverending “Loading Stories” message. If I then open up a feed, and *then* go to “All Stories” it only lists stories from feeds I’ve previously opened. The “All Stories” view includes stories that I’ve already read, even when the Read Filter is set to “Unread Only”. If I select to mark all as read, that function operates on *all* my feeds, not just the ones that are showing in the “All Stories” list.

On my tablet:
When I open “All Stories” I just get the neverending “Loading Stories” message.

On the web:
Everything seems to operate as expected.