All stories doesn't work anymore.

It used to be that I’d have a folder with say 70 things. I’d hit that folder, read all the 70 things in that folder, and then be done with it. These days, however, I’ll read 30 items, and then NewsBlur will say there’s no more stories. Click that folder again, read 39 more, and again, it’ll forget that last one.

This has happened numerous times over the past few days, and I thought you’d catch the bug so I wouldn’t have to report it, but now it’s happening so frequently and it’s becoming so annoying that this support ticket has been opened.


Do you use multiple clients at the same time? Do you have ReadKit or some other background updater running that could possibly cause a cache invalidation?

Nope, just the website, and I don’t even know what ReadKit is, so no, I don’t have it installed.

This has been a problem for the past month. Sorting by Oldest first. After reading many stories then I need to hit the folder again to read more. This will bring up stories older than the point where Newsblur stopped.