All site stories view totally invisible

The all site stories view isn’t showing stories in the main view:

Picking a folder on the left shows stories though:

I tried reloading, disabling greasemonkey, etc. No luck.

I looked at the CSS; I suspect its this element and negative left:

and this positive left:

There’s been a bug in this view for years; resizing the window often leaves a gap. See this old, unresolved bug I opened years ago: Web view regularly renders stories with an offset

It’s because you’re on the Full view and haven’t selected a story. I turned on the auto-select a story preference and it should now work as you’d expect.

The bug here is that if you scroll down you’ll see a “Select a story” notice, but for some reason it’s super low.

Oh wow, I didn’t even see/consider that bottom set of buttons that lets you pick viewing one story at a time. I don’t know how I would select a story in that view because the only way to select a story that I know of is within that pane, which is now showing nothing. At the very least, maybe that text could say “you’re in story view and haven’t selected a story; select a story or switch to feed view” with a highlight, arrow, or screenshot of the bottom left of that pane. I must admit, I never look or see that bottom bar. I might as well not exist.

Any chance that other linked bug could get some love?