"All Site Stories" view is blank

When I view the “All Site Stories” page, the pane for showing me the stories is completely blank. When I try to move to the next and previous story using keyboard shortcuts, the unread numbers change (which seems to indicate that its doing something), but the blank pane remains blank.

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I’m pretty sure that is only available for premium accounts. I could be remembering that wrong since I’ve had one for a while now.

CTinney: I have a premium account.

You’re in Story view + Full view. It’s at the bottom. You have to select a story first. Either switch out of Full view, or go into preferences and select “auto-select the first unread story”, which will make Story + Full view work a lot better.

Ah, thanks, that worked. Can you make this case less confusing? I had no idea what was wrong, or how to fix it.