"All Site Stories" shows "No stories to read" despite hundreds of stories to read.

As the title says, there are no stories showing. I do not understand what happened. It was fine a week ago, and now it won’t display anything except through the individual feed or folder lists. I want my “All Site Stories” page working again!

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Interesting. This is likely the fallout of a bug that I introduced 3 weeks ago that should only last 4 weeks. What’s your username? I can fix it fairly easily.

Same problem for me: juliensobrier

Thanks! My username: sorourke03

Is there anything on my end I can do to avoid re-activating the bug?

Julien, looks like it works fine for you.

Sean, fixed it. It was a specific feed that had a few broken stories. This should go away in a week and shouldn’t recur for anybody.

Super, I see it’s fine on my end. Thanks.

Hi, it appears the issue has come up again. Would you mind taking another look?

UPDATE: Nevermind, I fixed it. Found a feed that was misbehaving, and fixed it. Any way to do some kind of regular diagnostic on the feeds?