All of my feeds are missing after renewal

I’ve been a NewsBlur premium subscriber for years and had hundreds of feeds in my account. Then, after not using it for a while, I logged in to find that my subscription must have expired. I renewed, but every single one of my carefully curated feeds is gone. This is the only newsreader I use, so I don’t have a backup opml.

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They’re probably just muted. I suggest logging into the web and opening the “Mute Sites” dialog. You probably have a single subscription that isn’t muted. I believe what happened is that your subscription expired, so when you next logged in you would have to choose your 64 sites. NewsBlur never deletes subscriptions.

Nope. There’s only one site listed when I go to Mute Sites. I don’t even think it’s one I ever subscribed to.

Chances are you’re in the wrong account then. Feel free to email me your username, email, and any payment info. You can just reply to your payment receipt.

I’m experiencing something that might be related - after extending my subscription, some feeds that I used to subscribe to have reappeared. I can’t tell for sure whether any feeds have been removed but it doesn’t look like it.

Ah-ha, this is different. I recently changed it so that feeds that were imported during the Google Reader import process that silently got dropped are now added to your subscription list. You can delete them and they’ll go away.