All my sites disappeard, articles suddenly marked as read as premium account is expired

I knew that my premium account would expire, that’s why I pared my list of subscribed feeds down to less than 64. But today as the sub expires, Newsblur simply marked all of my articles as read.

But what’s worse, I don’t even see the articles anymore when I select “All”. I don’t see any lists of sites when I open my folders. Only when I go into “organize sites” do I see them, but it’s useless as I can’t select them in the sidebar for reading. Only my saved stories are still here. There are also no more new stories appearing, though I realize it might take a few hours for a free account to get those.

This is pretty sad and I hope it’s just a bug. If it’s by design, I don’t think I’ve seen a warning that this would happen.

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