All my post text is in italics. I've tried closing the tab, the window, even a different computer... Any ideas?

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What OS and browser are you on?

Sorry, I guess that might have been useful information… Windows 7, Chrome v32.


What extensions do you have installed? Try disabling all of them and restarting. I bet it’s one like Ad Block or the like.

Well, I have a few installed, including Ad Block (ABP) and Ghosterly. However, that doesn’t seem to help anything. I attempted to disable ABP and all other non-Google extensions (RSS, Google Docs, Google Hangouts) closed Chrome and came back in. Still all italic. I then cleared the cache (including all history and cookies) closed Chrome and restarted, still the same. I then cleared everything again and went into Incognito (no extensions allowed) but still had the same problem.

Not that I do much website debugging… But I attempted to find where the italics was coming from within Chrome’s debugger (F12, right click on italicized paragraph and “Inspect Element.”) In neither the “Styles” view nor the “Computed” view could I find anything modifying the font-style.

Oddly enough, even if I log out the main page contain italics where IE does not.

(While I also thought the other Windows 8 computer with synced Google settings had a similar problem, it now does not. So I might have been mistaken before.

Sounds a lot like this which apparently turned out to be a problem with fonts installed by Adobe CS4.

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That fixed it!

For some reason my computer was missing Lucida Sans Regular. Copying from another machine and tada!