All My Feeds Are Gone

Not that big of a deal at this point because newblur isn’t my full time reader yet, but I just signed in for the first time in a couple weeks and all my feeds I had imported from Google Reader were just gone. I just did another import.

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So after you imported again, your feeds were there?

Yup. They were there last time I had logged in, or more accurately last time I looked at the app on my phone. Then just now, gone. Sorry I have no details or anything else to go on, just gone.

Like I said, not a big deal, but thought you’d want to know. I did the direct import from Reader thing not OPML.

I have backups and if you want I can restore your feeds. But if all is well then no worries. Do you have a password set? It’s possible that somebody else used the same name, but it’s hard to delete all your feeds. There is usually a good reason for this happening, but it all depends on the specifics.

And just know that this can’t happen on, which is so so close to launching.

Thanks, keep up the good work :slight_smile: