All gone. Premium account, news feeds, everything

Somewhere between my coffee at 6AM and when I got to the office, ALL my news feeds disappeared. It came up like I was a brand new user. Moreover, even while I am a premium account holder, it now seems to think I am not even while it remembered my username and password. Note; this is NOT the email address required by “get satisfaction” to log in. I used my personal email and paid premium via PayPal

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Based on my experience, you are probably logging in with the wrong username or email. Do you use multiple account names?

Curious. I was sure I had only one account associated with my email address and yet (when you commented you sparked that, I have been bitten by old skool 1st initial/last name vs whole name) decided to try the latter username vs. logging in with email address.

When I logged in this morning with email address, I got the first initial variant
which has nothing in it (perhaps when I looked upon hearing of Google Reader’s demise) while fullname username has the whole thing.

What borked me, it seems was logging in with email address (same email associated with both) and it connected the original “have a look-see” account and not the real one.