All Articles view, cant see the story

Previously when I looked at All Site Stories, in the center pane I could see the title of all the stories. then, on the right hand pane I could read each story as I selected them from the center pane.

In the alst few days, this has stopped working. I still see all the stories in the center, but as I click them the right hand pane stays blank. If i go into a single group of sites, it works as it used to for the All Site Stories view.

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What’s your username and what browser are you using?

Deccos, using Chrome app on windows

You have your view set to Original, which is loading a proxied view of the original site. I recommend switch to the Feed view (in Preferences), which will load stories as you’re used to them.

Hi, I have tried this and it is still the same. In “all stories” view, as I click throuigh the stories in the centre pane the right hand pane stays blank