All articles section in android app

Actually there are 4 view options in android (ALL,UNREAD,FOCUS and SAVED) The problem is that the view “ALL” does not show all the articles,just show all the feeds… Would be great if had the fith option to show ALL THE ARTICLES by default when the app is opened. For now I need to click every time that I open the app on ALL STORIES…

So to rephrase, you’d like to have the feed filter control also control stories? Some other news readers do it this way, but NewsBlur splits them so you have fuller control. I think tying them together breaks a mental model for how feeds and stories get filtered.

It’s always single view, single filter. In that case, every time you open All Site Stories, it should save the story titles filter that you last used, which can either be Unread Only or All Stories (similar to Oldest First / Newest First).

I tried to said another thing… When I open the app on ALL STORIES I can see all the unread articles in all feeds and I want a option to open ALL STORIES by default without needing to click on ALL STORIES everytime that I open the newsblur app