Affinity RSS issue


I have followed the new RSS feed from Affinity, and it keeps getting repeats in the display (unlike any other feed I have). I asked them to look at it, and they can’t see anything. So I grabbed the RSS yesterday and after the repeat today, and the only difference is the lastBuildDate. Therefore it appears to be a NewsBlur issue. Could you look at it please? Thanks!

Okay, I looked at the similar items, and Samuel said: “It’s two things: the feed switches between cached URLs that change its guid, or if the guid is missing, its permalink. Also the entries may be too short to properly de-dupe, although I haven’t checked the feed. This is just what the cause is. In both cases, it’s the feed publisher’s fault, considering all the work NewsBlur does to de-dupe these things.”

What part of this is the problem please? I can pass it on.

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 Learn what DPI is and when you should and shouldn&#039;t worry about it.
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