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Thank you for running this excellent, excellent service.
I hope you’re doing well.

In Settings → Organize sites, we see the count for ‘opens’.
Could you please convert that to an open percentage (no. of opens / no. of posts fetched for that feed).
This will help me as a more accurate indicator of which feeds to stay subscribed to.

Thanks in advance!

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Any comments, @samuelclay ?

There is a browser extension that kind of lets you do this.

But more to your point, I’d like to know more about what that number would tell you that the raw number of opens does not.

To get the open rate.
A source may have 100 posts in a week, but if I just see “1 open”, I don’t know if that’s good or not.
Whereas 1/100 gives me a better signal.
I find this useful, as if I subscribe to more feeds than I can manage (at a given point in time), then this signal will help me to cut the feeds down to what I’ve actually read.

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@samuelclay Apologies, don’t mean to rush.
Keen to know your thoughts on this.

I hear you but I’m not convinced. It’s already a bit cluttered having all those sorting options. How many feeds are you working with? I have a few hundred and it takes only a few minutes to clear out the old ones using recency sort.

We do have some of that reading data, but it’s not in a format to apply to a month-long stories/month rate because it’s not built for that. We don’t store user data beyond what is necessary, so reading data disappears. And because of that, we may not have accurate counts that would make this feature work well.

1033, it says.
Won’t it just be counters per feed.
a) Stories fetched through the feed
b) Stories opened for this feed

Also, what does ‘open’ mean… reading it in-line in newsblur itself?
Or does it even include middle clicking on the title to open in a new tab?

Open means clicking on the feed directly. But because NewsBlur counts read stories in a privacy preserving manner, we can’t show you a read stories over time because that level of aggregation is used by competing readers to mine your data.

Hmm, okay. No worries then, thanks for clarifying.
Hope your kid is doing alright, I remember you tweeted/posted here about becoming a parent :slight_smile:

She’s 18 months old and doing great. She loves the outdoors, reading books (both with us and incoherently to herself), and making great big messes that are becoming quicker to clean as we figure out places for everything to live.

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