Adding to Instapaper option - where is it?

On this image there is a Send to Instapaper option - how do I make that appear?

A search here shows that Instapaper has been discussed before and I can get a new tab to open with me logged into Instapaper where I can click Add but I’m after a behaviour like their bookmark - I click it, it opens the site, logs me in, saves the link. I assume this is now possible as those discussions were some 11+ months ago?

If it is not possible is this feature planned?

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OAuth support is actually in my near-term priority list, so yes, this is something I’d like to implement soon.

Also, you can use the Instapaper bookmarklet! It works on NewsBlur. I talked to Marco and he added NewsBlur a few months ago.

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Ah - I didn’t realise the bookmarklet would work like that - excellent. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry. New confused user.

Which mode should I be in to use the insapaper bookmarklet?

Any one or Original, Feed, Text or Story?

In the Feed or Text view there is a small triangle to the left of the article title.
Click that and a box with options will appear.
The Instapaper ‘I’ will be to the right of Email Story.

As for the bookmarklet - I only ever use the Feed view and it works for me.

Thanks for the help Mark.

The link always starts out as Email and I was thinking more along the line of sharing. The icon wasn’t jumping out at me either although the social nets did.

I’m hoping that when the influx settles down it’ll be as fast as I remember GReader. Right now it seems a bit slow.

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@david levy - my thoughts exactly. I would love to see a ‘share’ menu (along with a keyboard shortcut) separate from the email.