Adding google search result as a feed (like you can in feedly)

How can I add a google search or news feed for a topic? I migrated from feedly.
If there is not an official rss for something, for instance a company like “acme power” it offers you the ability to add a google “acme power” or a youtube “acme power”.
How do I get these types of search result feeds or alerts into Newsblur?

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I have a Google Alert setup for ‘newsblur’ at…. So it can be done.

Also looks like they turned it off and back on again last year. See… for details.

Just go to to get a new feed. How does Feedly do it? Do they have a special Add Subscription dialog for subscribing directly to google searches?

I have the same disappointment. In feedly I am able to go to the search field (where you add a feed). From there, i can enter a term or word. It will suggest several feeds and below that say Google…(term or word). If you choose that, you get a news feed with that term or word that you can add.

Samuel, do you know how to add code for nonstandard feeds in newsblur? I am using the plus sign in the bottom left of screen or search field to add a feed. When you do that, it seems that no matter what you enter, it only permits you to add standard feeds . When I try to add the language for a google news feed for instance, it only offers topstories google news.

Very discouraging, since I was liking everything else better than feedly, but being unable to add newsfeeds or searchfeeds really limits what I can do…