Added feed with .cl extension repeats latest story.

I’ve added the following feed:

In all views, the latest story repeats over and over.  This is on Win 7, Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 m.

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Hmm, a new post to that feed just appeared.  However, prior to the new post the most recent post is repeated.  There is no post history.

Ah-ha, the publisher is doing weird things with NewsBlur’s fetcher. It’s dynamically inserting the query string from the RSS feed into the content, messing up the guids. You should contact the publisher, as you’ll see that every story has an extra ?_=1234 at the end of it. That’s NewsBlur’s way of busting caches. It works for 99.999% of feeds.

This would also get de-duped automatically, except the feed is so limited that it doesn’t work since the de-duper needs more than a couple hundred characters to work with.