Add unread label to favicon

Add a label to the favicon that shows the unread counter. Better than the windows title since pinned websites in Google Chrome only show their favicon.

Maybe use the Notificon project (example).


Problem is that there would have to be 3 unread counts on that icon.

Well, that’s a valid point. How is the current counter shown in the title implemented?

Not sure what you could be referring to, other than the optional count you can enable in Preferences that shows (123/456/123) or whatever based on your intelligence level.

Oh, I just started using NewsBlur and haven’t done a training yet. So I just saw something like “(1) NewsBlur”.

Still would like to see this feature. Maybe the user could select the preferred counter?

I’m bumping this - I’d like to see the favicon change when there are unread items.

Edit: Well maybe not…I have NewsBlur in a pinned tab on Chrome, and I noticed that when unread items appeared, the tab started shimmering…