Add 'Try' button to blurblogs

Add a Try button when reading stories in blurblogs (including the Popular blurblog) so that if I see an interesting story I can ‘Try’ the feed and see what other stories it has. This should be the same as the Try button for the Recommended Site on the dashboard.


Well, there is a “Preview” button when viewing an user’s profile which acts exactly like the “Try” button from “recommended”. Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

Not quite. I’m wanting a Try button for the feeds you have shared stories from in your blurblog. For example, if I’m reading your blurblog and you have shared a story from The Economist that I found interesting, I may want to preview The Economist’s feed to see if it is something I’d want to subscribe to myself.

Oooh. Now I get it. It makes real sense and I suport it also!

Samuel, please make it happen :D!

Done. Great idea.

Oh, right, I made the title of the site clickable in the Feed view. Pretty simple.

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Thanks. Works great.

Don’t you think it would be a better idea to make the whole colored bar clickable to increase the clickable surface?

Thought about that. It’s too damaging of an event to link the whole thing. A story title is linked width-wise because it doesn’t take out to another site. Clicking on the site title does, so it has to be a more specific action in response to its inherent destructiveness (taking you away from where you were, losing your place).

Ok, makes sense. Thanks for explaining.