Add the ability to create my own blurblog post

Sometimes I just want to post a link or something small to just a few people. The few people I’d want to share it with all read what I share in newsblur (my blurblog). Give me the ability to create a blurblog post/entry from thin air. This would turn newsblur into a cheap microblogging tool.

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This. Basically i want to drop off my twitter account and have a place (with underlying rss feed) on the web where i can post links and statuses.
Is it considered as “bloat”, which I could understand as it’s not exactly a “reader” thing, or is there some hope?

This is a very interesting idea. I’ve heard it before in various ways, but I do want to support this. You just need a title box, a story content box, and a tag box, right? It’ll work like the bookmarklet, as well.

Added to the priority list:

Yes, just those few boxes. The story box can also be very simple, just text and links.

This would be great!