Add sites and folders dialog is broken

Hi. I just noticed that the “Add sites and folders” dialog is broken in Firefox 10 and Google Chrome 16.0.912.77 m. This is on Windows 7. See the attached screenshots.

Google Chrome (everything is greyed-out except for Import Feeds):

Firefox (the directory selection is out of place and it has a funny font):

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That greying out behavior only happens when you’re logged out. What’s your username? Can you confirm that you’re logged in on Chrome?

Oh, you’re right. I wasn’t logged in in Chrome. I jumped to quick. I saw that funny looking folder selection drop-down in Firefox and quickly checked in Chrome, not paying attention if I was logged in or not. Sorry about this. But the Firefox misalignment is still valid.

You know, fonts have always been a problem on Windows. I’ve had that crappy serifed font there for a year now, but I never bothered to fix it. I’ll do that now.

Deployed. That should fix the issue in Firefox.

Looks good now. Thanks.