Add newsblur to general android share button

There should be ‘share’ support within chrome and similar apps, that already provide a share button where you can select apps. I can share links, tweets etc. directly e.g. via gmail and other apps, but newsblur is not listed. I believe this functionality would make sharing much easier on smartphones.

Don’t know how it works for iPhone, but probably similar.

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Since sharing is a tiny percentage of total NewsBlur use, we are focusing on getting the bigger functionality working. But this is planned out in the future.

Samuel, I think you may have misunderstood this request; I suspect it’s not about the NewsBlur “Share” use (the one that enables “Global Shared Stories”, etc).

I think instead the request is about being able to subscribe to a website by using the native “Share to…” Android feature.

An use case could be:

  • I’m using the Android web browser and I find an interesting website
  • while I’m on the website, I use the “Share to…” Android feature
  • a list of supported apps is showed, and it includes NewsBlur
  • by choosing NewsBlur, I can subscribe to that website

Hey pxlmsc, I actually meant sharing to Newsblur (i.e. so my followers see what I shared), but your idea is really good as well, I’d love to see both!

Oh ok, sorry anyway for adding confusion…I created a separate feature request for my idea.