Add (even more) intelligence to Newsblur

Hey guys,
have a look at:
This is a cool tool, but can not at all keep pace with Newsblur.

But how about adding this temperature feature in Newsblur or sth similar?

You could list which sites cite a story most.
And then I can say, if NY Times cites a story, I want to see it THUMBS UP
but if its a rubbish one like Sunday Times or I don’t know, I don’t think that is what I want to read if they refer to it.

This would add another criteria for the intelligence trainer,
especially useful for feeds which have no tags, there are quite a lot out there.

What you think?
Dou you believe this would be helpful?

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This is an enormous effort and may be something I look at in the future. But it’s fundamentally different to how NewsBlur operates, which is very user and feed-centric, not story-centric.