Add a Mark As Read at bottom of story titles on iOS

Show a giant mark as read button at the end of each list to make it easier to mark content as read.
Can this option be added? and also when you finish a read folder section, automatically go to the other feed and not the folder preview.

it’s possible?

There’s a mark as read button on top of the list, just not on the bottom. I didn’t add it there because it would add clutter. Does anybody else want to see a mark as read button at the bottom of a story list?

You should turn on mark read on scroll so that when you get to the bottom of a list, every story is already marked as read.

The problem occurs on the smartphone. Using the phone with one hand, it would be convenient to have a button at the end (perhaps enabling or disabling it from settings). With one hand it is inconvenient to have to scroll and then press on the top right of the screen.

I’ve updated the title to reflect that. If anybody else wants to see this, chime in here and bump the thread!

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No ios, i use Android!

I personally would like this. I can’t reach the top of the screen when I’m using the app one handed, so this would be beneficial to me. I don’t always want every article marked as read when I scroll past, so that’s not a viable option for me either.

I’ve asked before to have the mark all button moved to the bottom, but I like this solution better. I know it would be more of a hassle to code, but it could be an option that could be turned on or off depending on user preference.

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Ok! Let’s make it happen: iOS: mark as read button at bottom of story list · Issue #1851 · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

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