Add a double-click action preference.

On occasion due to fat fingers or my aging mouse I end up double clicking on a feed by mistake. This immediately marks everything as read which is exactly what I did not want. It would be nice to have an option to not blow away the feed state just due to a mistake. Alternatively, an “undo” feature would be nice.

As an example, pick a high volume feed like Hacker News, wait until you have 20 random posts spread out over the last 2 weeks that you want to catch up on. Double click the feed. Now you are screwed as the whole thing is marked read and it’s unrealistic to read through a thousand posts to try and find the few you wanted to read.


Yeah, double-click would be nice to configure. What else would you want it to do?

In my case, I’d just want it to do nothing or act as a single click. Not sure what else might be useful.

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