Action Figure Insider RSS Feed

This seems pretty straight forward. I input this into the search field on the home page and it should work and be able to add it. However, when I do it, a bunch of other crap comes up and it wont let me add this to my feed.

The site is

Am I missing something here?

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I tried adding this feed just now and it worked for me. Maybe you could describe some of the “other crap” and that might help narrow down what’s going on?

The feed looks OK, can you post a screenshot of what’s going wrong?

This is what I get and what I was referring to when I said other crap.

I just threw it in the corner with the + symbol and it came back with the same search results, but this time I just hit add site to see what happened and it did add it.

Any reason why it doesn’t properly find it when I am giving it the direct url to the feed?