Access context menu for story when not scrolled to the top

In the Android app, I can’t access the “three dots” menu (the one that lets you mark stories as unread, for example) if I’m reading a story - unless I scroll all the way back up to the top.

At some point, scrolling up a little bit would bring that menu into view, but now I have to scroll all the way to the top.

What are you wanting to use in the menu while in the story? It sounds like you want to turn off Full Screen mode, which you can do in preferences. That way you’ll have the menu while reading.

Hm, I don’t see an option to disable full screen mode in preferences.

My use case is if I’m halfway through a story, realize I can’t finish it right now, and would like to mark it unread so I can finish it later.

I would swipe back to the story titles list and then swipe the story unread. That should preserve scroll position.

About the full screen preference, you’re right, we must have removed it when we went full screen. Anyway, not sure if that would be something you’d want to enable but I wrote up a ticket for it:

I usually don’t care about scroll position; much of the time I’ll go back to the story on desktop.

I also didn’t realize I could swipe to mark a story unread in the list view!