ability to truncate a specific feed

I would like the option to truncate a specific feed via the feed settings page. This would be great for those few offending blogs that don’t truncate at all, and pass super long posts to their RSS feed. I could put something together in Yahoo Pipes, but it would be nice to have it built into NewsBlur.

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lol…totally forgot I posted this until it turned up when I was about to submit it again. maybe a future release?

I did build in story truncation (find it under Preferences), but it’s all or nothing (or blurblogs only). Anybody else have interest in making this feed specific? Chime in.

hah…totally forgot I posted this. TwistedSifter specifically is really bad about posting the full story to their feed. i could see this living in the Site Settings. But if others aren’t bothered, then maybe not worth the time.

Yeah, this is a fine idea, but if nobody else wants it it’s going to be hard to justify the time. Although it wouldn’t even take all that long, I just want a few other people who want it.

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man…these imore posts are the worst. not only is it long, but the thumbnails they use are actually 600x600px that end up being full size in the feed. http://www.imore.com/tvos-10 if only they used a consistent tag so it could be trained out of the feed.