ability to "soft unsubscribe" from new posts to an inactive blog, but keep it in the feed list

I would like the ability to unsubscribe from new post updates to a blog that I know is inactive, but keep the blog in my feed list. Newsblur then wouldn’t have to check for new posts in inactive feeds, but I’d still be able to read the old posts, and maybe have those inactive feeds not count toward the max feed count for my Newsblur subscription plan.

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Having just launched Mute Feeds, that’s the best I can do. Otherwise, if you want to read old posts, it needs to be active. Counting against your quota is the whole point of a quota.

$24 per year is not that much money if you are a heavy daily user of rss feeds…

I pay the $24, I just thought it’d be nice to have an ‘archives’ section to distinguish inactive feeds. I didn’t know about the mute feature. That should solve it…

If you want to keep the feeds in an archive, think about adding a folder called Archive. Collapse it and you don’t have to ever really see the feed.