A x-mas gift protoype to Newsblur - Autonewsblur.com

A x-mas gift protoype to Newsblur - Autonewsblur.com


So I had an idea of a mashup prototype, and I wanted to know what people thought.
This is my really quick draft pass at the idea, so please excuse the appearance of the application.

I love Newsblur and the classifiers, I like the ReadItLater integration, and that is really what spawned this idea.

I wanted stories to be automatically submitted to my ReadItLater account.

So I spent a two days getting it to work as simply as possible. I even went for the lofty goal of targeting Instapaper as well, but I seem to be hitting a rate limit issue with them.

I will work on the login/registration more…

I have a few ideas for how this could develop, and I wanted to get the community opinion, since that is so important to newsblur.

Until I can get a handle of the damage I could do to other peoples services, I am limiting you to subscribing to 10 feeds.

Let me know what you think here or on twitter @stan_programmer


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So this sounds interesting. But before I check it, you’ve got to lose the OpenID registration. Or make it easy to click on an alt. provider, like Google or Yahoo’s single sign-on.

The idea is that every story that comes through from a specific feed should get sent into your ReadItLater/Instapaper? You could use ifttt.com, which is not only a perfect repo for this kind of inter-service bridging, but also has yet to see a single NewsBlur recipe. But I haven’t seen the site yet, since I now need to figure out how to get an openID url to use as registration.

My bad dude, I haven’t put much time into that…
Here is google’s…


Okay, so after some sleep.
I fixed up the login process so you have a few nice little buttons, ala StackOverflow.
I also moved the hosting provider.

I haven’t tried ifttt.com yet, but I guess my idea was surprisingly similar.
Give this thing a whirl, let me know what you think.

After looking at ifttt… You should definitely figure out how to integrate with them…

Yeah, a NewsBlur recipe on ifttt would immediately get a spot on the Goodies dialog.

Back to the site, I’m able to login, but I only see the login page and can’t get back to that list of feeds.

Recreate your account, I wiped the db between last night and this morning.

But so far, as a poor mans implementation of ifttt, its working out for me…

Hey, can you do me a favor and add a user agent to all of your API requests? I want to log everything that comes in through autonb.