A way to save to Newsblur's "saved stories"?

Hi Samuel! Love the service - very happy with my premium account!

The only additional thing I’d ever want out of the service is a way to save links to NewsBlur without IFTTT or some other workaround. A lot of times I find a link I’d like to read later but I don’t want to have to use Pocket/Instapaper when most of what I read is already in NewsBlur.

Right now I just have Pocket invisibly save to NewsBlur via IFTTT, but there doesn’t seem to be a manual way to do that.

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You mean for iOS, right? I’ve wanted to build this forever and in fact I think David built most of it already. I may resurrect this feature so you can send to on ios. I think I still need to update the backend to handle out-of-band saving of stories. Not sure when I’ll have time to work on this but this may be a good feature to nudge in a couple months.

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Excellent! Actually for both iOS and the web… unless there is an obvious way to do it on the web that I’m missing :) 

Will do! Thanks Samuel, happy holidays!

Hi again Samuel - this is officially a nudge for this :slight_smile:

Holy crap, this would be a KILLER feature

We’ve talked about adding a Save feature to the sharing bookmarklet. It would be easy to do, the reason I haven’t yet is because that code needs a refactor and that just means things will inevitably break until I clean it all up.

Ok, i finally made this into a github ticket: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/issues/1097

I’m probably hiring somebody to work on the web app in a month and so they’ll have the backlog to go through which means this will eventually happen now.

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