A way to display only unread items in a feed?

I’d like a way to display ONLY the unread items in a feed, because sometimes I just miss an item and it stays there, unread, until I mark all the feed as read, missing something. This seems to happen only in a couple of feeds, but nevertheless this is a feature I’d like to have.


This is a much needed feature since the “Next Unread” button doesn’t work.

I don’t understand. The Next Unread button should be working perfectly. That’s the real bug. What’s your browser/OS? I want to get that button working, since it also sends you to the next feed if there are no unread stories left.

Still in need of this feature.

Ahh, this is a great idea. Yes, I’d like to allow this, but the only way I can figure out how to let you only see unread stories is to add it as an option on each site’s Site Settings dialog and force you to change it either per-site or as a global option.

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A global toggle button somewhere on the left panel would work great for me, something that works just like clicking “X SITES” to toggle whether feeds with no new items are shown or not. It might fit next to the intelligence slider, though it might get crowded down there.

This feature would be really nice. I almost always just use the everything feed as a workaround to only show unreads, but being able to go feed by feed would be great.

Would you want to toggle back and forth easily? The reason I setup the “Sites” shortcut is because you would usually want to keep read sites hidden, but occasionally open them. In fact, I think a far better solution would be to build my robust keyboard commander that I’ve had in my head for a while. Type ‘f SITE_NAME’ and it would open the site matching SITE_NAME. Anyway, maybe just a keyboard shortcut, a site settings option, and a global option. I think that’ll be it. Now I just gotta build it.

Sometimes, yes. Back on Google Reader, sometimes I’d mark something as read while reading in unread only mode, but then want to find it again later. Switching to show unread mode really quick and loading up the site let me do this.

Not a huge deal (I could just open the site in a new tab and find the story), but it’s a nice convenience to be able to switch back and forth easily.

Any progress on this?

Was just thinking about it this morning. It’ll be coming with the rewrite of the river of news that I’m going to be working on post-social launch.


Really need this feature. That “Next Unread” button continues to not work, especially on long feeds.

Just throwing my voice in here–I think this would be a great feature. Configured globally would do it for me!

I don’t want you all to get too excited, but here’s a screenshot of the branch that I’m currently working on, scheduled to launch about a week after social launches next Monday/Tuesday (uggg, waiting on press so we can launch).

And just like view settings (original/feed/story), there’s a global preference that you can override on a per-site basis, just as pictured above.