A the stories of a blog I'm not subscribed to appear in "All Stories" on client apps, but not the web

I am somehow kind-of-sort-of subscribed to MSDN Blogs, but not really. Let me explain:

  1. In the web UI, I am not subscribed to MSDN Blogs, and that feed never shows up, even if I click on “All Stories”. So far, so good.
  2. On client apps (at least the official iOS one and an unofficial Windows Phone 8 one), I am not subscribed to MSDN Blogs, but its stories appear if I click on “All Stories”.

I am genuinely unclear what is going on here. Help?

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So those native apps use a different method of determining which feeds to use in All Stories. They actually neglect to send any feed ids, which means the backend will just use everything you’re subscribed to, even if it’s not in one of your folders.

I have the ability to de-orphan those feeds if you give me your username.

My username is bluegecko. I figured that the feed had gotten orphaned or something similar; the website not listing it just left me confused. Thanks.

Dang, found 16 orphaned feeds. Now added.

Not to hijack this thread, but I cant seem to get the new posts for - http://holisticinfosec.blogspot.in/ - given that testing that site in another RSS reader does pull down the new posts. Incidentally I can see 152 newsblur subscribers to that site. Am I the only one not getting the new posts ?