A single left click is marking an entire site read by accident

Sometimes when I click on a site, it opens it in a new window and immediately marks the entire site read.

How can I prevent this?

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I’ve been having this problem for the last few days as well.

It’s registered as a double-click, which both opens the site in a new window and marks it as read.

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Thanks! That’s a feature I’d prefer not to use, but it’s a problem I can probably fix by adjusting my standards for double clicking.

I really ought to bake in a preference for double-clicking. In fact, I thought I already had. … Turns out I only did it for right-clicking. I will definitely try to get double-clicking in as a preference. If anything, the existance of the preference helps reinforce that you can even double-click.

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I also want the feature of double clicking (accidental), marking all feeds as read to be disabled, it becomes very preblematic