A lot of items missing in one of my feeds

I’m following the site http://svalko.org/ , and the feed in NewsBlur is missing a good part of the items - about half or so (3 out of current top 5 items aren’t shown).

It appears only the stories with some text in the body are shown, and most (or even all) of the stories that only contain an image, are missing. Posts with Youtube links only still work.

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The problem persists, only 2 out of 5 most recent stories on the site showed up in Newsblur.

Was quite an interesting issue. Those missing stories have no title and no content that isn’t just pure html. In this case it’s an image tag. So I used the permalink as the title, and so now those stories come in. Thanks!

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Yep, it works now - great!
Thanks a lot, Samuel!