A few features I'd love to see in the iOS version


after playing around a bit with Newsblur’s mobile and iOS versions, I have to say that I like it pretty much. It’s really fast now, and I’m sure I won’t miss Google Reader for long.

There are a few features, however, that I’m really missing in the iOS version:

  • Offline caching, so that I can read on-the-go without internet connection
  • The ability to mark individual posts as read/unread from the list view (like in Newsrack, where you can tap on the left border of the list entry to toggle read/unread status)
  • I’d like to only see unread posts most of the time. I know that it’s possible to switch to this behavior, but only on a per-feed basis (unlike in the web version). With many subscribed feeds, doing this once per feed gets a bit tedious, so it would be really great to have a global option for this (maybe for sort order as well)

Nevertheless, I’m really impressed what Samuel created on his own here :slight_smile:

Best regards