A Dry Riverbed of News

I just subscribed for a year and would like to set up a River of News to replace the news tracking I did in Google Reader. How do I set it up? I went to the API page and couldn’t find a link from the descriptions. Some of the content in FAQ’s was a little above my head, and I have no idea where to begin. Thanks for your help.

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Sorry, but what is the “river of news” feature? Where can I find more info on it?

Just click on a folder. River is just a fancy name for reading by folder.

Thanks for responding. Where can I plug in search terms to receive daily updates of news on a specific topic, e.g. mental health and/or homelessness? That’s the Reader service I seek to replicate.

I don’t think I got anything for the $24 I paid to NewsBlur. Sure wish the site were more user friendly.

Peg, I’m sorry but filter based search like that isn’t what a feed reader is good for. You want a different kind of discovery platform. NewsBlur is great when you already know the sites you want to read.

OK, good to know.

Peg, it seems like you’re looking for a Google Alerts (not Reader) replacement. Perhaps this might help:


And if you find such a service that meets your needs, Newsblur will handle its RSS feeds just fine I am sure

THANKS. That looks good; I’ll check it out.