2nd an Undo Button


I don’t really read Newsblur on my phone but I’m on it several times a day on my laptop using Chrome as my browser of choice. It would be really nice to have an undo button on the web version since there have been times I clicked the ‘mark as read’ by mistake and on the web, I then have to show all in the feed list and then show all again in the split story pane. It would be a wonderful thing!


Undo buttons aren’t trivial to implement, so I’ve resisted. We do have confirmations on Mark as Read when it’s over a certain number of stories so people don’t shoot themselves in the foot. But it’s a common enough action, it shouldn’t require confirmation. An undo would be ideal, I agree, but it’s hard to build and get right. I’d have to hear a lot of support for the idea before I make it higher on the priority list than a whole lot of other ideas. But I’m always open to changing those priorities.


Thank you so much for your response!


I do this to myself a few times a week, I’d love an undo button