2 feeds dropped

I was subscribed to two feeds from Thinkprogress.org and they both dropped out a few days ago. This happened once before and I was able to find the addresses for the feeds, but I’m having trouble with that this time.

So my first question is: why this would have happened? Usually when there’s a problem, when I view my list, there’s a yellow exclamation mark next to that feed. But these just disappeared entirely.

And my second one is: where did they go? I found several addresses listed at https://www.rsssearchhub.com/feeds/thinkprogress, but they don’t come in correctly. Each one just appears as in my list as “Comments on” and has a different icon and more importantly - because I know I can change the title and don’t care about the icons - they don’t indicate any unread posts even though there are many I haven’t read. That means they don’t appear in my Android app unless (A) I switch to “All” and then (B) remember that there are unread posts there even though it doesn’t say so.


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