[1] When hiding sites w/o unread stories, no way to know if those sites are not updating + [2] Misbehaving Feeds

First, awesome product. Newsblur has made me enjoy RSS again.

Due to the large number of feeds in my account, I like to hide feeds with unread stories. However, if a hidden feed stops updating due to an error, there is no way to find this out without showing all feeds. This sometimes results in me missing days of search results that I’m trying to stay on top of. It would be great if “misbehaving” feeds were automatically flagged in “Hide sites with no unread stories” view, even if they had no unread stories.

Also, I’ve noticed that feeds from Espacenet (European Patent Office) often “misbehave” in Newsblur, but always work fine in Google Reader. Is there any way that I might be able to get these feeds to work consistently in Newsblur?



So building that broken feed view is something I’m planning to do after I launch the backbone-ification of the front-end. I’m presenting it at the end of May, so it’s something I can definitely get back to then.

As for the broken feed, right-click on it and go to Site Settings and let me know what the feed address is. I’d love to take a look.

Great news on the broken feed view – thank you!

Here is an example of a feed address that was broken:


I’ve replaced the term after “. . . &IN=” with “smith” to anonymize, but the rest is identical to the actual feed. I have about 30 feeds in this format and about 85% of them were broken today. All the rest of my Newsblur feeds were fine, and all of the feeds in the above format continued to update just fine in Google Reader.

OK, I’ve started following that feed. We’ll see if it stops updating. It should get retried for a few days until it eventually gives up.

Thanks again, Sam. I will also post here the next time my feeds in that format break.