1 Unread Story in Feed--> Click --> Actually none, scrolls forever

Pretty much exactly what the topic title says. You see that there’s a new single unread story in a feed, sometimes like 15 seconds after you just finished all the unread stories from a feed. Then you click on that feed, and it turns out that there aren’t actually any new unread stories, and it starts fetching stories and scrolling down the list of posts, even though there are no new ones. Happens pretty frequently (3 or 4 times a day).

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This is because you might have selected “go to first unread”. It scrolls to find the unread item even if there is none. I disabled the feature to prevent the scrolling.
That said, I havent seen a ghost item in a while.

I’ve had this same problem occasionally, and I do have “go to first unread” selected.

Yeah, this is a server issue that I’ve spent that last 2 hours trying to fix. My mongodb secondaries are being read starved, so their oplog is going up and they have ever-increasingly stale data. Stale data means that they are calculating unread counts based on old data, so when the new stories show up, the counts are inevitably wrong.

I just fixed the issue, although only as a stop-gap, at the expense of a bit of performance. But it should cycle through all feeds and eventually fix the scores that are wrong.

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